Personalized Medicine by Design

A New Business Model To Transform Healthcare With Individuals and Families at the Core

Business Innovation Factory (BIF) has launched a self-initiated project to create a transformational personalized medicine business model — Personalized Medicine by Design (PMxD). A model that helps individuals take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

We will not be admiring the problems of today’s healthcare system, they are well known. We are seeking to understand how individuals and families experience the current healthcare system, the pain points they face, and their job-to-be-done, as a foundation for a new transformative model.

Why us?

BIF is uniquely poised for this design challenge. With 14 years of experience helping organizations design and test next practices and new business models. With over 70 projects completed in healthcare, education, and public services.

Customer Voice

Our learning expedition will include immersive site visits with various communities to share their voices and stories of health and wellbeing. Our exploration is personal. We want to hear your story.

How You Can Help

Leveraging a network of networks, we will work-out-loud and share iteratively and collaboratively to inform the development of a repeatable and scalable model.