Design Challenge

How might we design a new personalized medicine business model that puts individuals at the core with access to the information, tools and resources they need to improve their own health and wellbeing?

PMxD Business Model

business model

n. A business model is a story of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.

Over the last 14 years BIF has been designing, and testing new business models in education, healthcare, and public services. We have always seen gold in the grey space, and decided it was time to create our own business model to truly tackle some of the most challenging problems facing our social systems. Our work in healthcare has been deep and it seemed a natural place to start. What follows is the conceptual business model for Personalized Medicine by Design. Our next step, will be to take it one level deeper to an operating model for our particular use case. Stay tuned…

Emerging Tech Videocast Series

We know that emerging technology will play an important role in the delivery of health and wellbeing. The technologies we will be exploring are fundamental capabilities of the near future, and are being designed for the current system as we know it. We need to model what these technologies look like when they are deployed of, by, and for the customer.

Data privacy and control has become one of the fastest growing hot buttons in today’s marketplace. What would it look like if you actually owned the rights to your personal data to decide when, where, and how it is being used? Etwaru and his team have elevated the issue to one of a basic human right, one that puts the power and monetization back in our own pockets.

Genetic futurist and founder of the Genome Project, Andrew Hessel breaks down the landscape of our genomic future as we discuss all things emerging technology as part of our emerging tech series with our project on for Personalized Medicine by Design (PMxD).

More Videos Coming Soon:

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • All Things Digital