Customer Voice: It’s Our Health

Joe Wilson, Jr. who leads Trinity Rep’s Center for Activism and Performance sat down with BIF’s Founder and Chief Catalyst, Saul Kaplan, to discuss America Too: It’s Our Health, storytelling, and community.

Trinity Rep, a leader in designing experiences “of”, “by”, and “for” its community, is ready to tackle healthcare this year with its America Too program. Joe explains that by engaging the community in art and storytelling, it is actually a really practical way to deal with a problem that, at times, seems insurmountable.

The project commences with four Story Sharing Workshops, where community members gather to share their personal stories of health and wellbeing. BIF and Trinity Rep will partner with community organizations throughout Rhode Island to elevate the voices that are traditionally not heard. Participants will have the opportunity to work with professional playwrights and storytellers to develop their narrative into a piece to be shared on stage by area actors during a culminating event at Trinity Rep.


Val Tutson
Rhode Island Black Storytellers; Winner of the 2019 Rhode Island Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts

Attend the Workshop on August 25th at Southside Cultural Center, Providence

Dominic D’Andrea
Director of Community Engagement at Queens Theatre; Founder and Outgoing Artistic Director of the One-Minute Play Festival

Attend the Workshop on August 24th at the YMCA, Pawtucket

Meg Sullivan
Artistic Director for the Manton Avenue Project in Olneyville

Attend the Workshop on August 25th at The Wilbury Theatre, Olneyville

Sokeo Ros
Dancer, Storyteller, Performer, Teacher and Advisor at Case Closed; Program Director at Everett Company

Attend the Workshop on August 24th at the YMCA, Cranston

America Too: It’s Our Health
Monday Oct. 21 &
Tuesday Oct. 22

Health and wellbeing are at their heart social justice issues.
Healthcare is a human right and far too many people are
being left behind by today’s healthcare system. It’s time for
that to change.”

Joe Wilson, Jr.