Reimagining Maternal Health


LunaYou: A Woman-Centered Maternal Wellbeing Program

LunaYou is a woman-centered maternal wellbeing program that offers women the ability to manage risk factors, track their health and wellbeing goals, and access a dedicated Wellbeing Coach to help them throughout their pregnancy, and in the first three months after their baby is born. LunaYou encourages women to share their journey with their personal support network and their Wellbeing Coach, who together, are able to provide rapid and seamless connection to medical and social service care, should serious risks arise. Each woman is unique, and deserves personalized care that is both respectful, and culturally sensitive to her individual needs.

Our PMxD Hypothesis: A Personalized Wellbeing Model Will Lead To Improved Maternal Health Outcomes

Moving Off The White Board and into the Real World

At BIF, we prioritize moving our design work off the white board and into the real world, resulting in real impact for individuals and communities. To do this, we are making a pivot to self-initiate and lead projects that we can steward all the way through the real world prototyping and commercialization phases of our business model design process. There are many design challenges we are excited to tackle, leveraging the PMxD model, but we needed to pick one to start. The more we learned about the health disparities (life-threatening complications, mortality, and premature and low birth weight babies) that Black and brown pregnant women in the U.S. are facing and the growing body of research suggesting its causes (a system that isn’t optimized for personal wellbeing and racial equity) the more we have become convinced that it’s the perfect design challenge to start to deploy the PMxD model. 

Inequities In Care And Society Are Driving Negative Outcomes For Black And Brown Women

Maternal health disparities for Black and brown women in the U.S. are both unacceptable and preventable.

U.S. rates of pregnancy complications, including dying from childbirth, for Black women are among the worst in developed nations and two to three times higher than for white women. Additionally, both Black and brown women face alarming rates of preterm births.

Dying in childbirth, facing a life threatening complication, or giving birth prematurely, can have a traumatic, generational impact on both women and their families’ social-emotional and financial standing.

In order to address this inequity, BIF is prototyping a new personalized wellbeing model with Black and Brown women to support them in improving their maternal health outcomes.

The Core Capabilities of the Personalized Wellbeing Model

The PMxD model has been informed by 70 BIF business model design projects over 14 years, in healthcare, education, and social services. 

  • Unleashing Personal Agency 
    • Empowering each woman to take charge of her health and lead her pregnancy, with the confidence that she can influence better outcomes.
  • Understanding Patterns of Wellness
    • Providing direct access to a real-time flow of information relevant to each woman’s health and wellbeing, and her pregnancy.
  • Activating Personal Networks of Wellbeing 
    • Gathering a small group of trusted individuals to support and affirm her maternal health goals.
  • Integrating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    • Catalyzing a culture of respect and honest communication, with personal reflection and celebration of what makes each woman unique.

A Graphic Representation of the Maternal Health Prototype

My Journey as a Pregnant Mom in the PMxD Maternal Health Prototype

Technology in Service of People

The accessibility of technology, when coupled with human centered design, represents a unique opportunity for social system innovation. The PMxD Maternal Healthcare Prototype will incorporate technology to help women in the prototype achieve better personal maternal health and wellbeing outcomes. We will be exploring this topic more in the coming weeks. To learn more contact Ben Siegel.

Prototype Work Plan

The Maternal Health Prototype Advisory Team