Customer Voice: Story Cure

PMxD started its immersive site visits in West Philadelphia, to engage the community in sharing their stories and experiences in health and wellbeing. We partnered with Yolanda Wisher, Curator of Spoken Word at Philadelphia Contemporary, who created an incredible program called Story Cure, which took place at at the Community Education Center in West Philadelphia. Story Cure featured poetry by Trapeta B. Mayson, story circles for sharing experiences with health care and self-care, and a tea making workshop to nourish the soul.

Healthcare, Self-Care, and Wellness



Yolanda Wisher, Curator of Spoken Word at Philadelphia Contemporary shares her vision for hosting Story Cure. She hopes to help people change their narrative, letting them become the agent of their stories not the object.
Music by Paul Giess:

The Voices of Story Cure

I remember learning about empathy, and how to take care of people and the importance of community. I feel like those few formative years, and the few vivid memories I have of him just have taught me so much about healing.



Community support for a terminal illness, teaches a lifelong respect for the power of empathy and healing,



You are the first line of order. Putting power back in the hands of the family.

Not all doctors are so willing to put power back in your hands. Because, you know, power is a funny thing. But these doctors were, and they empowered me to take ownership of my health care and my self care for me and my family.

Story Cure

The only way for anyone to tell me if I needed to take these meds every day, or just when I needed to sleep was to get admitted. So I have to be admitted into the hospital for three days, in the psych ward, so that they could tell me you should take these meds every day.



A medicaid system that lacks needed mental health support in a time of crisis.



Two generations of negative childbirth experiences are changed forever by leaving the current healthcare system and giving birth at home.

It was the most transformative, powerful moment in my life, the moment where I felt most powerful that I was responsible for bringing my child into the world. Not that a doctor had delivered my child for me.

The Poetry

Stories Cure

Stories Cure
by Trapeta B. Mayson
Poem constructed from the stories and
sharing of courageous people

About Trapeta B. Mayson
Trapeta reads her poetry widely and works extensively facilitating poetry and creative writing workshops. Her work sheds light on and honors the immigrant experience as well as amplifies the stories of everyday people. Learn More

Yolanda Wisher

Yolanda joined Saul Kaplan on the Business Model Sandbox Podcast, they discussed bridging the gap between art and community, Yolanda’s hope is to help others think about how to reimagine spaces and society through a new lens of accessibility and in a welcoming way. “I try to be a vessel for poetry. A lot of the work and exercise that I do is about humility. It’s a way of going through the world … sometimes I like to just be of service,” Wisher tells us. Listen In